Sant Jordi by Bed & Breakfast in Barcelona
Like every year in Catalunya, and of course in Barcelona as well, the famous feast of Sant Jordi will be held on 23rd and 24th of April. The city will be full of books and flowers. Tradition says that the men should give the women a rose and the woman a book to the men.

Some history:
Sant Jordi, knight and martyr, is the hero of a great history situated around the Montblanc.
A fierce and terrible monster was reaching the outskirts Montblanc, which had the powers to walk, fly and swing and to kill all beating beings.
Sant Jordi by Bed & Breakfast in BarcelonaThe people thought that if they’d offer this monster each day a living person, it would not ruin right and left at will. Every day they picked at random a person amongst all residents of the town, and that person would be delivered to the beast. This went on for a while and the monster was satisfied.
One day the fate wanted it to be the daughter of the king to be offered to the monster. There were citizens who volunteered to replace her, but the king was inexorable and severe, and with a heart full of grief he told his people who his daughter was also a resident of the town and would thus serve to offer to the beast. And so the princess was to be sacrified.
The girl was out the town and started walking toward the monster’s lair. After some walking a young knight riding a white horse and golden armor presented himself to her. The princess told him to flee quickly since there was a fierce beast that wanted to eat all. The gentleman told her not to fear, as he had come for the purpose to fight the monster, kill him and liberate the princess and all the citizens of Montblanc of this faith.
When the beast came, the princess was terrified though the knight felt stronger than ever, especially as he was defending this princess. The knight lanced his spade and badly hurt the monster, bleeding him slowly and painfully to a miserable death. The knight, who’s name was Jordi, tied the beast by the neck with a rope and returned with the princess and his prey to Montblanc. The king, so happy with the return of his daughter, offered the knight the hand of his daughter but Knight Jordi replied that he did not deserve such honor.
Then, Knight Jordi mysteriously disappeared, just he had appeared. Since then he lives in the heart of all Catalan people as Sant Jordi.


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ACCOMMODATION IN BARCELONA CITY CENTER, SPAIN Our Bed and Breakfasts are situated in the best area of the amazing city of Barcelona, close to most of the important touristic attractions. We aim to give you a relaxed stay in one of our Guest Houses by providing comfortable accommodation at an affordable price and cordial service. You'll find our Bed and Breakfasts in beautiful buildings of the Catalan modernistic style. Their beautiful interiors contribute to the warm and charming stay at our Bed and Breakfast, just what you need after a busy day of sightseeing. Each morning you will enjoy our delicious self-service breakfast buffet that will get you ready for a day full of activities. Whatever your purpose is to visit Barcelona, we will do our best to make your stay a pleasant one!
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  1. >Bienvenidos, young lovers, wherever you are! Take your amor to Spain’s Barcelona during the month of April to celebrate La Diada de Sant Jordi! Saint George or Sant Jordi in Catalan, was a romantic and chivalrous guy at heart who inspired Barcelona in seeing this day as the most giddy and amorous day of the year. He also happens to be the patron saint of the six million inhabitants of Catalonia.

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